Tue, Nov 28, 2023

10-Freeway Closed Indefinitely After Major Fire Causes Damage in L.A

  • PublishedNovember 13, 2023

Los Angeles, CA—The 10 Freeway remains inaccessible in both directions between Alameda Street and Santa Fe Avenue, impacting crucial connectors to Interstate 5, the Hollywood (101) Freeway, and the Pomona (60) Freeway. Commuters are strongly encouraged to seek alternative routes as repair efforts continue.

Local and state officials have alerted the public to brace for an extended closure of the 10 Freeway in downtown Los Angeles. This announcement follows Governor Gavin Newsom declaring of a state of emergency, designed to accelerate the cleanup and repair efforts following a destructive pallet yard fire.

Governor Newsom, along with Mayor Karen Bass, conducted an on-site tour on Sunday, addressing transportation officials in an early-afternoon briefing. While refraining from providing a specific timeline for reopening, they assured the public of an ongoing “24/7” operation.

Laura Rubio-Cornejo, General Manager of the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, advised downtown drivers to opt for the 110, 101, or 5 Freeways instead of navigating surface streets. The California Highway Patrol outlined specific freeway detours for affected drivers, emphasizing that these detours will remain in effect until further notice.

During Sunday’s press conferences, Mayor Bass acknowledged the complexity of resolving the issue, indicating an uncertain timeline for reopening the affected freeway stretch.

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