The Voice of Black Los Angeles is a multi-media company proudly Black owned and women led, committed to providing comprehensive local coverage for the vibrant Black communities within Los Angeles County. With a dedicated mission to amplify the voices and stories that often go unheard, our platform serves as a vital source of news, events, culture, politics, and the remarkable achievements of Black individuals throughout Los Angeles.

The founders of The Voice of Black L.A recognized the importance of independent Black-owned media within the changing landscape of Los Angeles. Gentrification has pushed longtime residents beyond city limits, making it crucial to have a platform that highlights the achievements, challenges, and aspirations of the Black community. By empowering our community through media, we aim to counter these effects and ensure that Black voices are heard and celebrated.

Services Provided Include

  • Press Releases: Crafting compelling press releases to capture the essence of news and reach diverse audiences and media outlets.
  • Event Coverage: Immersive event coverage, ensuring that important moments within the community are shared and celebrated.
  • Advertising and Social Media Marketing: Expertise in targeted advertising and social media campaigns to engage with Black audiences effectively.
  • Public Relations Services: Strategic counsel, tailored campaigns, and media relations expertise to elevate brands and causes.
  • Event Collaboration/Sponsorship: Fostering collaborations and sponsorships for impactful events that drive positive change.

We understand the marginalization of aspiring Black journalists and the systemic barriers they encounter in traditional newsrooms. We are committed to uplifting emerging and established Black writers who are often overlooked and undermined in the field of journalism. Our platform serves as a space for their voices to be heard and their stories to be shared without compromise.

We have paid writing, photography and videography opportunities for local Black journalists. Send us an email to be featured and/or discuss project ideas.

We urge you to divest from white-owned and/or centered publications in Los Angeles and their harmful\profit driven exploitation of our communities ( L.A Taco, Knock L.A). Invest your resources directly into trusted, Black-owned media platforms that are deeply rooted in the communities we serve. 

We believe in supporting Black-owned media. You can contribute and support The Voice of Black Los Angeles by making a donation through our $BlackLaMedia Cash App. Your support enables us to provide vital coverage and empower our community through the power of media.

All inquires can be sent to [email protected]

The Voice Editorial Staff