The Voice of Black Los Angeles is a news & digital marketing platform keeping Black L.A informed and connected. We are passionate about controlling our narratives and history, while advancing the agenda of an equitable future for all Black Angeleno’s, free of anti-Black racism and institutional biases.

The platform was created in 2020, based upon the lived experiences of a Black L.A native, frustrated with the nepotism and racism that is rooted in L.A’s journalism landscape. Many aspiring, Black-journalists are marginalized due to anti-Black racism in the media, where Black voices are carefully selected to fit the dominate (white) narrative in newsrooms.

The Voice of Black L.A is a news resource for the community, as well as a platform for emerging and established writers who are overlooked and oftentimes undermined in the field of journalism.

We have paid writing, photography and videography opportunities for local Black journalists. Send us an email to be featured and/or discuss project ideas.

It is important the Black community understands how non-Black media in L.A have been hostile to the experiences of Black journalists [L.A Taco, Knock L.A,] while at the same time, forcing their way into our communities exploiting our oppression, deaths and trauma for story ideas and views.

To them we say you are not needed and you serve no purpose to our communities. Divest from white-owned and/or centered publications in Los Angeles and invest these resources directly into trusted, Black-owned media platforms directly rooted in the communities we serve.

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All inquires can be sent to [email protected]

The Voice Editorial Staff