Tue, Nov 28, 2023

Crenshaw Coffee Company Brews Solidarity At WGA x SAG-AFTRA Strike

  • PublishedSeptember 21, 2023

Hollywood, CA – In a powerful display of support, Crenshaw Coffee Company fueled the spirits of writers striking during the WGA x SAG-AFTRA protest at Netflix Studios in Hollywood.

This act, led by founder Anthony Jolly, not only exemplifies solidarity with the Los Angeles entertainment industry but also ties into Crenshaw Coffee’s commitment to community.

As the heartbeat of creativity echoed during the strike, Crenshaw Coffee Company stepped up to provide much-needed caffeine and camaraderie to writers and industry professionals. This gesture showcased their dedication in supporting those who drive the city’s creative engine.

Anthony Jolly, renowned as the visionary behind the formerly known Hot and Cool Cafe in Leimert Park, now rebranded as ORA, is making waves beyond coffee. Jolly, along with a group of Black business owners, recently made history by collectively purchasing a multi-unit building housing their enterprises. The building is set for complete reconstruction, with ORA poised to become a vibrant backdrop in the Leimert Park business community.

Jolly’s foray into coffee has deep roots. Hailing from Washington DC, this family man spent over two decades perfecting the art of coffee roasting. His passion led him to Ethiopia, where he lived on coffee farms, mastering the intricacies of growing, harvesting, and drying coffee beans.

Remarkably, he taught himself the art of roasting in his backyard shed.

“Today is Day 142 of the writers being on strike for a fair contract. Show-runners provided a food truck for these protesters but then Crenshaw Coffee came out and showed solidarity with us. That’s really meaningful to me and other WGA members because it is a L.A Black-owned business,” said Danny, who is WGA strike caption.

“We’ve got small businesses like Crenshaw Coffee supporting us, so we just hope that the studios really engage with us.”

WGA Strike Captain

Crenshaw Coffee Company, an embodiment of Black Los Angeles lifestyle, caters to students and professionals alike. Rooted in empowerment and cultural richness, the brand aligns with the diverse fabric of its community. Their support during the strike, signifies Crenshaw Coffee’s commitment to fostering unity, elevating communities, and leaving an indelible mark on the vibrant tapestry of Los Angeles.

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