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Dr. Kendra Segura’s Journey with Hype Hair Century in Inglewood

  • PublishedMay 30, 2024

Inglewood, CA – Dr. Kendra Segura’s Hype Hair Century Beauty Supply stands tall as a testament to the celebration of diversity and empowerment within the black and multi-cultural community. Established in August of 2022, this beauty haven, located at 10006 Hawthorne Blvd., has become a beacon for those seeking comprehensive hair care solutions and a boost of confidence.

Dr. Kendra Segura, the visionary behind Hype Hair Century, embarked on this journey with a mission close to her heart: celebrating the uniqueness of black and multi-cultural hair. “It is our mission to celebrate the diversity of Black & multi-cultural hair by providing the products and resources needed to love and care for it,” she emphasized.

Driven by a passion for helping women feel good about themselves both inside and out, Dr. Segura saw an opportunity to address a crucial need in her community.

“As beautiful black and multi-cultural women, our hair plays a major role in who we are when we step into a room, and in our day to day. Our outside beauty is a reflection of our inside beauty, which is why I wanted to bring Hype Hair Century to our community in Inglewood, CA, to ensure our ladies have access.

Hype Hair Century offers a comprehensive range of products and services tailored to meet every hair care need. From curls to coils, braids to locs, wigs, and bundles, the establishment caters to diverse hair types and styles. Services such as braids, locs, ponytails, sew-ins, wig installs, and makeup further enhance the beauty experience for patrons.

“I love helping other women feel good about themselves. It helps boost confidence and connection with each other in the community,” Dr. Segura expressed. “Knowing that we can come to each other to be educated and assisted about our beauty care needs is incredibly fulfilling.”

Booking services or purchasing products from Hype Hair Century is simple. Interested individuals can make appointments through the business’s Instagram page, accessible via the link in the bio. Additionally, products are available for purchase both in-store at 10006 Hawthorne Blvd., Inglewood, CA, and online at

Beyond the realm of beauty, Dr. Kendra Segura’s commitment to holistic wellness shines through. In addition to Hype Hair Century, she has recently opened Total Body Aesthetics, a health and wellness center located at 8610 S. Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA. Here, she aims to promote wellness from the inside out, ensuring women are healthy and vibrant in every aspect of their lives.

Furthermore, Dr. Segura is set to launch Ask Dr. Kendra, a concierge medical practice providing women with access to OB/GYN support whenever and wherever they need it.

As Dr. Kendra Segura continues to expand her footprint in the realm of beauty and wellness, her dedication to empowering women remains unwavering. Hype Hair Century stands not only as a destination for impeccable beauty care but also as a symbol of empowerment, community, and celebration of diversity in Inglewood, CA, and beyond.

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