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Jazmin Green: A Promising Young Life Cut Short

  • PublishedMay 1, 2023

South Central, Los Angeles—-The family of a local teen are asking the Los Angeles City Council to put money towards a reward for information surrounding the murder of Jazmin Green in South Central, Los Angeles (South L.A). Green was just getting off work and parking her car near East 105th Street and San Pedro, when she was struck in the head by gun fire.

The news of Green’s death has been devastating to her family and friends, who are struggling to come to terms with the senseless loss. Her mother, Theresa Pearson, recalled how proud she was of her daughter’s accomplishments.

“I would like justice for my daughter. She had a whole life ahead of her. She just turned 19. It just hurts so bad. She was a good girl. She went to school, didn’t do anything, and barely wanted to come outside.,” she said tearfully.

Green graduated from Mayfair High School in June and was studying to become a medical assistant at American Career College. During a press conference following her death, Green’s family discussed how they are tired of the gang violence that is plaguing the community.

In 2023, residents in L.A’s inner city continue to be harassed by gang-members over clothes, and perceived gang affiliations. Like Green’s death, police continue to fail in making any arrest, or obtaining any substantial leads to solve murders in South Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Police Department told FOX 11 that two suspects were involved in the shooting and drove away from the scene afterward. There is no suspect or vehicle description, according to police (Fox LA).

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