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Takar Smith Killed By LAPD While Experiencing Mental Health Crisis

Takar Smith Killed By LAPD While Experiencing Mental Health Crisis
  • PublishedJanuary 5, 2023

Los Angeles, CA–On Jan. 2 The Los Angeles Police Department shot and killed a 40-year old father of 6, who was experiencing a mental health crisis in Westlake this week.

It was the second consecutive shooting by LAPD in two days.

Takar Smith has been diagnosed as schizophrenic about 6 years and his mental state had started to impact his marriage, according to his wife.

His wife, Shameka, went to LAPD’s rampart station Monday afternoon, requesting support for her husband who was upset inside their apartment.

Several police officers showed up hours later, saying they were responding to a call about someone being in violation of a domestic violence restraining order.

Shameka waited downstairs as instructed by police. Moments later, tussling was heard coming from inside the apartment, followed by several gunshots.

Takar was pronounced dead at the scene.

LAPD officers from the Newton division would shoot and kill another man the following day in South Central, who they say charged towards them with a metal pipe with spikes coming from one end.

Read More: https://www.lapdonline.org/newsroom/officer-involved-shooting-in-newton-division-nrf003-23hg/

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