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Yasmine-Imani McMorrin is Culver City’s First Black Woman Vice Mayor

  • PublishedMay 3, 2023

Culver City, CA – Yasmine-Imani McMorrin continues to break barriers and pave the way for inclusivity. At the age of just 33, McMorrin achieved a significant milestone in November 2020, becoming the first Black woman ever to be elected to the Culver City Council. She made history once again when she was selected as the first Black woman to serve as Vice Mayor of Culver City.

Culver City, a predominantly white enclave situated just outside of Los Angeles, has witnessed a transformative moment with McMorrin’s ascent. Her new role as Vice Mayor marks a significant step forward in promoting diversity and representation within the city’s leadership. McMorrin’s appointment is a testament to her exceptional leadership qualities and the trust she has earned from her fellow council members.

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As a true renaissance woman, she has an impressive array of roles and responsibilities. Alongside her duties as a Council Member, McMorrin serves as the Director of Education Equity at California’s Children’s Defense Fund. With a legal background, McMorrin utilizes her expertise to advocate for equal opportunities and fairness in education, particularly for marginalized communities.

Beyond her professional commitments, McMorrin takes pride in being a devoted mother to her daughter. Her personal experiences as a parent have undoubtedly shaped her vision for Culver City.

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