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Black Man Forcefully Evicted From His Coffee Shop in Sherman Oaks Mall

  • PublishedMay 28, 2023

Sherman Oaks-CA— Rhasaan Nichols, the founder of California Coffee Company, has been forcefully evicted from his coffee shop at the Westfield Mall in Sherman Oaks. Despite holding a valid year-long lease and investing significant funds into the space, he was denied the opportunity to renew his lease and was abruptly told to vacate the premises, leaving behind all the fixtures. This shocking turn of events has sparked outrage and calls for justice as Nichols seeks legal recourse against the unjust eviction.

I was employing four people and living off my income from the coffee shop. My livelihood was taken away in one day without any notice. The mall insist they placed a 5-day notice on the door of the coffee shop, but I never recieved a notice. The way they treated me was very hateful and hostile.

Rhasaan Nichols

Nichols operated California Coffee Company under a legitimate lease agreement. Having poured considerable time, effort, and financial resources into establishing and maintaining the business, he expected to continue serving his customers in the community. The Westfield Fashion Square in Sherman Oaks received a summary judgment from a judge, resulting in the enforcement of Nichols eviction and denying him the opportunity as a tenant to present evidence of shady business practices by the mall.

Nichols was denied the opportunity to renew his lease without any valid explanation. This denial not only left him shocked but also in a precarious situation, as he had invested substantial funds to make the space operable, creating an inviting and thriving establishment for his customers. He was locked out of the premises without being given the required five days’ notice, a clear violation of tenant rights and due process.

Several police officers showed up like I was squatting, telling me I had to close up shop. I couldn’t even tell customers what was happening. I am a businessman, not a common criminal.

Rhasaan Nichols

Now, Nichols is determined to seek justice and protect his rights as a tenant. He is seeking legal representation to navigate the complex legal landscape and hold the Westfield Mall in Sherman Oaks accountable for their discriminatory actions. His case sheds light on the importance of upholding tenant rights and combating racial discrimination in commercial lease agreements.

News of the eviction has sparked outrage among community members, activists, and organizations fighting for social justice. Calls for transparency and accountability are echoing throughout social media platforms, urging authorities to investigate the incident thoroughly. The local community has rallied behind Nichols, as he launches fundraising initiatives to support his legal battle and process of opening a new coffee shop.

The eviction of Nichols from his coffee shop at the Westfield Mall in Sherman Oaks, serves as a distressing reminder of the importance of protecting tenant rights. For Nichols, the abrupt closure of his coffee shop is extremely disheartening because The California Coffee Company for him, celebrates the legacy of Black Americans migrating to cities like Los Angeles for a fresh start.

Instead, he was constantly harassed and bullied by staff throughout the duration of his tenancy at the Westfield Mall in Sherman Oaks.

“They lynched my business. They painted over the windows the same day and put up an eviction sign. Here today gone tomorrow was the feeling. They didn’t want to offer me any dignity or recourse, no-one should ever be treated that way.”

Rhasaan Nichols

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  • It is a shame that
    here we are living in 2023
    that racial discrimination
    still exists and of all places
    Hollywood .
    I know R. Nichols personally
    Late September 22 I was diagnosed with a rare blood
    Cancer Rhassan flew back
    and forth from LA to Phil’
    to help care for me I stayed in
    The hospital 5 weeks . Rhassan never
    Shared with me about what he was going through
    I would have found the strength to join him
    In his fight for his business . Some things never


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