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Family of Charles Towns To Hold Press Conference Over Death By L.A Sheriff’s

Family of Charles Towns To Hold Press Conference Over Death By L.A Sheriff’s
  • PublishedFebruary 2, 2023

Altadena, CA–The family of Charles Towns will be holding a press conference on Monday with their attorney Caree Harper, seeking accountability over the shooting death of Towns’ by Sheriff’s in Altadena, CA.

The shooting happened Jan. 22. after police responded to 911 calls of a man reportedly armed with a metal object.

The Sheriff’s Department allege Towns’ stabbed an elderly woman with the sharp object as well as an unidentified man.

According to a family of Towns’ speaking to The Voice of Black L.A:

“My brother-in-law got into an issues with 4 hispanics on Woodberry and Fair Oaks. So, he pulled some scissors out to defend himself. The police were called and they said a man was waving a knife, trying to stab people. Police came and my brother-in-law took off. He apparently ran around the corner and into a lady. Something happened and he poked her with the scissors. After that, we don’t know much. We were told that the police shot him with his hands up while he was on the ground. The police are supposed to release body camera footage sometime next week.”

A march has been planned Feb. 5 in Altadena by the social justice organization, My Tribe Rise, calling for justice in the police involved deaths of Towns, Keenan Anderson and Tyre Nichols.

Towns is a native of Pasadena, CA where he attended John Muir High School. He leaves behind two sons, Carlos and Charles Towns Jr.

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