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L.A Producer Seeks Legal Aid After 2022 Arrest By Sheriff’s Caught on Dash Cam

  • PublishedAugust 4, 2023

A Los Angeles music producer widely recognized in the local community, is currently pursuing legal representation in response to a troubling incident captured on dash camera footage. The incident, which occurred in 2022 near the intersections of Manchester and Western in South Central Los Angeles, highlights concerns surrounding racial bias and excessive force by law enforcement.

The dash camera recording, recently made public, reveals Joog’s attempt navigating a distressing encounter with Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputies. The incident began when officers initiated a traffic stop after Joog exited the 110 freeway. As the patrol car’s lights flashed behind him, he attempts to reach a well-lit area, which was documented by the dash camera. In the footage, deputies are seen approaching Joog’s vehicle from both sides.

One officer can be seen reaching into the car and retrieving a bag from the passenger seat. As tension mounts, Joog’s voice is captured questioning the officer’s presence in his car.

“Bro, why are you in my car?” Joog questioned the Sheriff Deputies. He is subsequently instructed to fully lower his windows.

To ensure his personal safety, Joog maintained a slight window opening that allowed communication but prevented officers from entering his vehicle. He inquired about the reason for the stop, prompting a visibly agitated Latino officer, to forcefully open Joog’s car door in an attempt to apprehend him. Joog is seen skillfully evading the officer’s attempts to place him in a headlock, while asking officers to deescalate the situation, but the situation escalates further as additional officers converge on Joog’s vehicle.

“I pretty much was just coming from the movies, no crimes committed and I get blurped for no reason and thrown in jail for having a registered and lawfully stored firearm. I’m glad I had the tape rolling because if you hear the way they treat us, you’d think I’m exaggerating,” Joog shared.

They exert physical force to extract him from the car, with a struggle ensuing. The dash camera audio captures threats of using a Taser against Joog, and an officer is observed tampering with the camera in an attempt to disable it. A fellow deputy instructs the Sheriff to leave the camera alone.

The incident underscores ongoing concerns about racial bias within the Los Angeles law enforcement community.

Historically, the oppression of Black individuals by law enforcement in the city has been a deeply rooted issue, dating back to the Great Migration when Black populations began moving to northern cities. Additionally, the influence of cliques and gang affiliations within law enforcement has exacerbated these tensions over the years.

Despite shifts in demographics within the law enforcement community, as of 2023, concerns persist that a predominantly Latino police force continues to target and disproportionately affect Black men in Los Angeles. These incidents echo the intensity, disregard, and racism associated with their white counterparts.

Joog’s case serves as a reminder of the need for transparency, accountability, and measures to address the need for systemic changes within law enforcement agencies. As he seeks legal representation, his experience highlights the broader call for comprehensive reform in policing practices and a renewed commitment to addressing deeply rooted racial biases within L.A’s law enforcement.

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