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Sisters of Watts Empowers Local Youth at 8th Annual Back-to-School Event

  • PublishedAugust 10, 2023

Watts, CA—In a vibrant display of community unity, the Sisters of Watts organization hosted their 8th annual back-to-school event on August 5th, in the heart of Watts, California. Recognizing the challenges faced by their community, which often finds itself sidelined within the larger context of Los Angeles, Sisters of Watts have taken it upon themselves to galvanize their friends and family to become a vital resource for their neighborhood.

The Sisters of Watts is a group of passionate individuals who share a strong bond and have consistently demonstrated their commitment to uplifting the community they call home. Against the backdrop of a city that sometimes overlooks its most vulnerable residents, these women have harnessed their collective power to create change from within.

Their back to school event saw an impressive turnout of local residents, parents, and youth, all eager to participate in the festivities. The Sisters of Watts had meticulously orchestrated an array of activities, and vendors, ensuring that the event catered to all ages and interests. From interactive game zones and trucks, to bouncers and even a rock climbing wall was erected for the community by Ted Watkins Park.

The impact of the Sisters of Watts stretches far beyond the events of a single day. Throughout the year, they engage in various community events, as well as advocacy and outreach efforts. They remain dedicated to providing local youth with essential school supplies and resources, and are a powerful reminder that grassroots initiatives can drive meaningful change. As the Sisters continue to empower their Watts community, they serve as an inspiring example of how unity, determination, and unwavering compassion can uplift disenfranchised communities.

Check out some photos of the back to school event below. Support Sisters of Watts here.

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