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Lady MV Showcases Diverse Creatives & Models During L.A Fashion Week

  • PublishedApril 2, 2023

Los Angeles, CA–For the past few years, the fashion industry has been slowly evolving, striving to be more diverse and inclusive. In a world where almost every runway was once dominated by Caucasian models, it’s a huge step forward to finally see models of all colors and backgrounds being represented. Recently, Lady MV made a valiant effort to promote a more inclusive industry during their runway show in the Jefferson Park area of Los Angeles. In addition to Black talent, the show also highlighted Latino creatives. In doing so, it broadened the standard for fashion week events, offering a cabaret of diversity.

Bringing together a group of Black, Latino and multicultural creatives, Lady MV felt it was time to showcase these unique talents through one collective journey. The showcase included fashion models and designers, all of whom had unique backgrounds and ideas. During the show, the audience was able to get a glimpse of the rich diversity that each of these creatives brought to the stage.

In addition to the amazing talent, some of the more profound moments of the show included the powerful statements made by some of the show’s coordinators. It was evident through their words that the evening was about more than just fashion–it was about empowerment. In the spirit of empowerment, the evening was accompanied by numerous positive vibes, featuring sounds of Afrobeat, and Rap music, with a nice buffet to match.

The fashion industry is an exciting place to be and has come a long way in being inclusive of all races and genders. With the recent efforts of Lady MV showcasing Black, Latino, and multicultural talents during Los Angeles Fashion Week, it proved that true progress is made when people come together to support each other, no matter their background. The list of creatives involved was impressive. From familiar fashion faces to up-and-comers, the show featured Black models and designers and brands.

“I’m extremely excited to have recently presented my Red Collection during LAFW with Lady MV and The Model Firm. As Marcus Robinson, founder of Los Angeles Fashion Week, told LA Weekly: “We’re creating an opportunity for the designers and the creatives to come together, express their own art and build within their own communities.” Lady MV is clearly making an effort to amplify the voices of black and Latino talent. In addition to creating an all-inclusive format for their fashion show, they support emerging talent by promoting diversity and stories of inclusion across the industry.” – Malcolm Staples, Washington DC based fashion designer.

The collaboration shown during Lady MV’s fashion week event exemplifies the kind of inclusiveness and support the fashion industry should strive for. By setting a stage where collaboration is key, Lady MV hopes to bring about a fashion revolution. In a society that often overlooks talent of color, this show stands out for its ability to unify artists, creatives and lovers of fashion from all backgrounds and encourage them to come together and express themselves.

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