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Mayor Bass Budget Gives $3 Billion To LAPD in 2023-2024 Los Angeles Budget

  • PublishedMay 25, 2023

Los Angeles, CA—After weeks of deliberations, the Los Angeles City Council voted 13-1 on May 18th to approve its amended version of the Mayor’s budget for the fiscal year 2023-24. The approved budget, surpassing $13 billion aims to address key issues such as housing, homelessness, and public safety. Here are the key highlights and allocations from the budget:

Housing and Homelessness:

  • An unprecedented $1.3 billion has been allocated to address housing and homelessness.
  • The mayor’s Inside Safe program receives $250 million, with $65.7 million allocated initially and $184.3 million to be released as the funds are expended.
  • The budget includes investments in affordable and supportive housing to combat the homelessness crisis.

Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD):

  • Approximately $3.2 billion has been allocated to the LAPD, aimed at enhancing public safety and law enforcement efforts, including the target hiring of 1,000 more officers.
  • Direct funding for the LAPD has decreased by about $22 million compared to last year.
  • The budget invests $16 million in funding for alternative crisis response programs, doubling the allocation from the previous year.

Reserve Fund and City Infrastructure:

  • The budget includes $566 million in a reserve fund to address unforeseen circumstances and ensure financial stability.
  • “Needed investments” will be made in pedestrian and traffic safety, as well as city infrastructure improvements.

Climate Change Initiatives:

  • The budget highlights investments to tackle climate change, allocating over $25 million to the decarbonization of city buildings and electrifying the city’s fleet of vehicles.

Councilwoman Eunisses Hernandez was the sole dissenting vote, expressing concerns that the budget fell short of meeting the needs of Angelenos. She emphasized the disproportionate allocation of funds to policing, with 25% of the budget allocated to the LAPD.

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