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$50 Million Dollar Claim Announced in Keenan Anderson’s Tasing Death

$50 Million Dollar Claim Announced in Keenan Anderson’s Tasing Death
  • PublishedJanuary 21, 2023

A $50 million dollar claim has been filed against the City of Los Angeles, in the tasing death of Keenan Anderson by the Los Angeles Police Department.

The incident occurred Jan. 3 in Venice, after Anderson was apprehended by police over a traffic collision.

Civil rights Attorneys Carl Douglas and Benjamin Crump held a press conference Friday in Los Angeles, with Anderson’s family and mother of his only son, Syncere Kai Anderson.

“We saw a man that was unarmed and compliant,” Attorney Douglas said during the press conference.

Children of those who have lost their lives due to state sanctioned violence, are some of the most impacted and overlooked victims of police brutality.

Anderson is among three others who have died following interactions with LAPD in 2023.

These deaths continue to create intense scrutiny around the deparmtnet, raising concerns around their response to calls involving citizens in distress with mental health crisis.

Earlier this week, Anderson’s family and Black Lives Matter Founder Patrisse Cullors held another press conference on the steps of Los Angeles City Hall.

Cullors, who is a cousin of Andersons, was joined by several L.A City Council members, denouncing the actions of LAPD and demanding justice for the victims of police violence.

A union representing LAPD has responded publicly, saying all three deaths this year by LAPD have been within policy.

“What’s the first thing out of their mouths? Why did they use pepper-spray, why did they use a taser, why did they use a bean bag. And when one of those non-lethal methods are used, then they complain.”

Douglas says they expect the City to reject the $50 million dollar claim, but he hopes to set a precedent with Anderson’s death and is prepared to represent in the family in their pursuit of justice.

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