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Leimert Park Unites to Co-Name Crenshaw Blvd as “Malcolm X Route”

  • PublishedMay 21, 2023

Leimert Park, Los Angeles—-Influential city leaders, community members, and activists gathered this weekend to witness the co-naming of Crenshaw Boulevard as the historic “Malcolm X Route.”

The magnitude of this occasion was further amplified by the announcement that the co-named Malcolm X Route would stretch for 5 miles along Crenshaw Boulevard. This push was led by local community members and holds immense significance, as it unites these influential figures of Black history within a single thoroughfare in Los Angeles.

Starting at the 10 freeway, the Malcolm X Route encompasses the intersections of Martin Luther King Jr. Street, Obama Boulevard, and Nipsey Hussle Square. These intersections carry immense historical weight, representing the spirit and enduring legacies of these iconic individuals.

Leimert Park residents, community organizations, and local business owners played a pivotal role in the planning and execution of the ceremony, supported by an unwavering dedication to preserving the legacies of these influential figures.

In 2019, the intersection of Crenshaw and West Slauson Avenue was named Ermias “Nipsey Hussle” Asghedom Square in the late rapper’s honor. Nipsey Hussle’s profound dedication to revitalizing his South Los Angeles neighborhood and uplifting his community through entrepreneurship and advocacy has left a lasting impression in the Crenshaw District.

The 5-mile stretch of the Malcolm X Route on Crenshaw Boulevard serves as a testament to the rich history, resilience, and achievements of the Black community. It stands as a powerful reminder of the ongoing struggle for social justice and equality, ensuring that the legacies of these figures are preserved and honored in Black Los Angeles.

As the ceremony progressed, speeches were delivered by representatives and city officials. Leimert Park, a community deeply rooted in African-American culture and history, once again made its mark on Los Angeles through the co-naming of Crenshaw Boulevard as the Malcolm X Route.

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