Tue, Nov 28, 2023

Rehydr8 and GamerXSociety Bring Mindfulness to L.A Youth

  • PublishedMarch 22, 2023

Los Angeles, CA—Rehydr8, the mindfulness metaverse that’s bridging the gap between wellness and Web 3.0, partnered with Sola ICAN Foundation and GamerXSociety to bring a metaverse and guided meditation event to LA’s youth. Taking place at the SoLA Beehive in South LA, the event introduced young people to the power of mindfulness meditation, and offered a unique and engaging way to cultivate relaxation and self-awareness.

The Meditation Metaverse event took place at the Sola Impact Technology Center on March 21, 2023, and featured a guided meditation, interactive gameplay, and a powerful panel exploring the benefits of wellness during NFTLA week (where Rehydr8 also held activations). Participants explored the open world of the Rehydr8 Metaverse and in-person mindfulness activation.

In addition, GamerXSociety partnered with Rehydr8 to provide rewards for the youth as they explored the worlds, incentivizing them to interact with as many of the in-game guided meditation sessions as possible.

“We believe that by introducing young people to the power of mindfulness, we can help them develop a greater sense of awareness and develop the ability to respond instead of react. This equips them with the tools they need to navigate the challenges of daily life in South Central LA.” – B. Ware Co- Founder and Head of Mindfulness at Rehydr8.

The event was open to the youth who were a part of the foundation in a safe and engaging environment. Participants were exposed to a special treat as they were the first to experience this version of the game.

“It was important to me as a South Central native to come and expose these youth to the rapidly growing medium that is the metaverse. Additionally, I wanted to showcase an experience that two black men with different talents from different areas collaborated on to bring to life. I’m a game designer and he [B.Ware] is a yogi, and we creatively came together to produce an innovative product.” – Jeremiah “Flip” Benjamin, Founder of Pod Labs & Rehydr8

For more information about the event or to learn more about Rehydr8, visit: www.podlabs.io/rehydr8

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